I have a problem with categories. Basically, I’m just not very good at them. I find it difficult to choose tags for blog posts. I have too many sets on my Flickr account. I have too many email folders. I struggle with organising my filing cabinet. I desperately need to go through and rationalise all […]

Sunday Links

Hooray, I’ve cleared out my links folder. Of course, I still have another two to get through but at least one of the three is empty. ART Beautiful microscopic photographs of sand from scientist and artist, Dr. Gary Greenberg.


I’m in a photo mood this week. Here’s some luscious British flora that I took earlier today – not as shockingly vibrant as the Australian photos from yesterday but the colours are still very lovely. And maybe these will seem as beautifully exotic to my Australian readers as their flowers do to me. Herb Robert […]

Australia: Hot Colours

I woke this morning thinking of Australia and was inspired to put together another photo essay (you poor people are going to be seeing my holiday photos for months to come!) It’s been a little grey in Bristol over the last few days, so some hot tropical colour is just the thing to keep me […]

The Slow Art Movement

I’m a fairly slow artist at the best of times: I like to potter, to muse, to drink lots of cups of tea and endlessly faff around. I generally only work in a very fast and focused way if I’ve got a deadline. I’ve always berated myself for this – feeling that I ought to […]

Clifton Graffiti

Because it’s a posh area, there’s not much graffiti in Clifton but there is some and it’s often more quirky than the brightly-coloured tagging popular in other parts of Bristol. It’s a bit hard to decipher but the text reads “the way is in the heart” – yay, Zen graffiti! Kirsty Hall: Graffiti Heart, April […]

In The Beginning

I’ve been working my way through Alyson B. Stanfield’s fantastic new book, I’d Rather Be In The Studio. Instead of reading the book from cover to cover, Stanfield encourages her readers to dive in and read and then act on the chapters that relate to where they are right now. The one that immediately leaped […]

Spike Island Highlights

I went along to the Spike Island Open on Friday evening. Unfortunately I wasn’t really in the mood, so I didn’t get as much out of it as I’d hoped. However, there were some artists who impressed me… Ceramicist Karen Welsh was showing an unsettling series of domestic porcelain featuring little doll hands and feet. […]