Off On Holiday

Photo of Achnahaird Bay by Graham Lewis, used under a Creative Commons license Right everyone, talk amongst yourselves, I’m off on holiday for a week. My son and I are heading off to the west coast of Scotland. Here’s where we’re going. It belongs to my cousin, Calum and it’s only a few miles from […]

Things And Stuff

What’s Been Happening Lately? So, I sort of opened a shop for my drawings. There’s not much up there yet but if you’ve ever wanted me to send you a hand-drawn envelope containing a secret, you’re in luck! There’s also a couple of my more expensive archival drawings and more will going up next week. […]

Louise Bourgeois

Old slips hanging from old bones. Drawings like dried blood. Worn fabric and harsh stitches. Like many in the art world, I feel the need to pay tribute to the redoubtable Louise Bourgeois, who died this week aged 98. I’m not sure when I first became aware of her work but the first time I […]