Strange Coincidence

Sometimes I come across an artist who’s ploughing very similar ground to me and occasionally I find someone who’s working with the same materials as me. However, I think that Bird Ross and I may actually be sharing a single brain! I was looking through old copies of Fiberarts Magazine to see if there was […]

Shed Love

It’s National Shed Week. What, you didn’t know that Britain has a National Shed Week? Shame on you! There’s a blog and everything. The winner of this year’s best shed competition is Tim, a man who has combined two great British passions to create a Pub Shed. Images from This isn’t the only pub […]


A traditional Devon cream tea… Kirsty Hall: Cream tea with sweetpeas, July 2008 Kirsty Hall: Scones with clotted cream and jam, July 2008 …on a traditional British summer’s day! Kirsty Hall: Rainy day, July 2008 Kirsty Hall: Wet chair, July 2008

Messy Tuesdays

I’ve been seeing references to Messy Tuesdays for a couple of months now. I thought, ‘hmm, sounds right up my street’ but didn’t follow it up. And then, whilst following a link from the excellent needled blog yesterday, I found the fascinating Felix and discovered that, along with Lara, she was one of the originators […]

A Saturday Walk

On Saturday I was in the mood to take photos so I wandered along a couple of Clifton roads that I haven’t been down in years because although they’re just around the corner, they’re not particularly on the way to anything. Noticing new things in familiar places is one of my favourite things to do. […]

Garden Update

Because of health issues and poor weather, I haven’t done as much gardening in the last couple of weeks as I’d planned. However, I did manage to finish the bed I was working on. BEFORE Kirsty Hall, May 2008 AFTER Kirsty Hall, June 2008 Isn’t it great how weeks of hard work can be made […]

Making art in bed

This would have been posted yesterday but I stupidly spilt tea on my keyboard last night and promptly killed it. Oops. One trip to PC World later and I now have a gorgeous flat aluminium keyboard that’s quieter and easier on my hands and most importantly, not full of tea! ……………. I’ve started drawing again. […]

The trouble with finishing

Tina Mammoser over at The Cycling Artist has been doing a fascinating series of podcasts about her artistic process. Last night, I listened to the latest one and I was very struck by something she said about how artists are either good finishers or good starters. I’m definitely much better at starting things than finishing. […]

Listening to Picasso

I am in a place of struggle with my art right now (as indeed, I often am). I am second-guessing myself all the time. Is this embroidery good? Is there any point to it? Does it mean anything? Is it derivative and boring? Bah, and indeed, humbug. The chief enemy of creativity is “good” sense. […]