Oh, I think we’ve all been there!

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Mandy over at Messy Canvas has written a very entertaining post about the constant mental dialogue she has with her internal critic over whether she’s an artist or not:

“I think I would love to be an artist.”
“No, no you’re not artist material.”
“Well, that may be, but I would like to be one anyway.”
“You can’t be an artist, for a number of reasons: You can’t support yourself and be an artist. You can’t possibly take time away from all of life’s responsibilities to just sit and play with art. And you can’t just go around calling yourself an artist. You must be deemed one.”
“Hmmmm, I hadn’t thought of all that.”
“Yeah, I didn’t figure.”
“Did I mention that creating makes me come alive?”
“Did I mention that creating makes you go broke and is a silly waste of time?”
“Yes, yes, you did make that point. And I suppose it’s a good one.”

Read the rest here.

I am an artist & purveyor of obsessive projects based in Hebden Bridge, England. My work involves the accretion of large numbers of small objects - pins in fabric, knots in string or hundreds of envelopes - to make sculptures that deal with fragility, loss, repetition, obsession and time.

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