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Hi, are you a MagpieGirl looking for your special deal? You need to go here. Sorry about this, Rachelle and I did the interview ages ago and I’ve only just realised that she didn’t have the new sales page details.

Come up to the lab and seeeeeee what’s on the slab.

So. With my usual inimitable flair I appear to have accidentally launched another new service mere days before I disappear off into the wilds of Scotland for a week. If you’ve read my Resources page but you’re still floundering and you’d like some individual one-on-one help, you can now buy 30 minutes of my undivided attention. Also, there are biscuits.

Behold, my beautiful creature…

Internet Hand-holding

Now, this isn’t quite as daft as it sounds (OK, the ‘just before a holiday’ part is pretty stupid). I’ve always been drawn to the idea of consulting and coaching and I’d been making tentative plans in this direction for several months after a very thought-provoking Awesomeness Check-up session with the lovely Catherine Caine.

So when John T. Unger asked for willing volunteers to test out Bixbe on WordPress, I did the ‘closing my eyes and jumping’ thing again.

As a way of launching this and also celebrating the 3 year anniversary of this blog, I’m offering 15 free sessions. If you’re interested, please comment below before Wednesday 7th July (the blog’s official birthday, we shall have cake). If I get masses of people, I’ll pick names out of a hat to make it fairer because I know that not everyone is online at the same time. Please note, the free sessions won’t be happening until at least the second week of July because of the whole holiday thing.

Oh and while I’m shamelessly self promoting, I updated my shop, which is now called Drawings And Delights. I added an ‘about me’ page, some shop policies and more drawings. If I get time later today, I may add a few ACEO’s that I’ve drawn recently.

I am an artist & purveyor of obsessive projects based in Hebden Bridge, England. My work involves the accretion of large numbers of small objects - pins in fabric, knots in string or hundreds of envelopes - to make sculptures that deal with fragility, loss, repetition, obsession and time.

30 thoughts on “Internet Hand-holding

  1. Sign me up! Starting my own online business is something I've been toying with for about a year now, so this is great timing-hopefully will get me motivated to actually get a start on it. BTW, my schedule matches up with yours nicely! :D Have a great holiday!


  2. Hi Kirsty,
    Firstly let me say I just love the Rocky Horror show image at the top….(very clever!!) and also the additions to your 'Drawings and Delights' shop look fantastic…great job!!!

    I would dearly love to put my hand up (or name in the hat!!) for a 'coaching session' with you…just to have some initial guidance or feedback on what I'm trying to do would be 'sublime'…brilliant…wonderful…hmmm …I think you get the gist of what I am saying!!

    Thank you for offering such a wonderful gift …(yourself!!)

    And may you have a great holiday and some R & R after your busy (but productive) time…

    warm regards
    Lindy klk


  3. Hi Kirsty…

    Firstly let me say how much I love the Rocky Horror show image (and tagline!!) and also the additions you have made to your 'Drawing and Delights' shop….it looks great!

    I would dearly love to put my hand up (or name in the hat !!) for the opportunity to have a session with you!

    Some guidance and feedback on what I am currently trying to work on (art based) would be 'sublime'….wonderful, amazing, and just plain fantastic….I think you get the idea!!

    Thank you for your generous offer to all…and may you have a great holiday and catch up on some R & R after your busy, but productive, time lately!!

    Lindy Klk
    aka Eagledove


  4. Gareth of Fighter Mediocrity pointed me this way and I'm glad he did.

    I'd love some wing-holding through the tag-ends of our process.

    Have an awesome holiday & catch you on the flip side! :-)


  5. I would love to be in the running for one of your internet hand-holding sessions! I think they sound super and wish you all the best with your foray into hand-holding :)

    I also have my hand up to be counted re the Big Cartel and Bixbe set-ups.

    Have a great holiday in Scotland :)


  6. Thank'ee's! :-)

    I'm in the States, so phone wouldn't really work either. (It's not my bill.)

    Hopefully there is a third option somewhere. :-)


    Kirsty Reply:

    We can work something out, Birdy.


  7. What a generous offer. Congratulations on your blog anniversary — and thank you. I know *exactly* what I'd like to talk with you about!


  8. Oh no! Am I too late for the free sessions? I'm in the middle of setting up a blog for an artist friend & a little bit of guidance would be great. Its a great idea & in any case I'd love to watch some videos of your experiences! Thanks! :)


  9. Oh no! Am I too late for the free sessions? I'm just in the middle of setting up a blog for an artist friend & a little of your wonderful experience would be great! This hand holding thing is a fabulous idea! In any case I'd definitely be interested in watching some videos of your experiences.

    And a huge congratulations on your 3 yr blogiversary! ;) You are one of my favourite artist blogs!


  10. That's fine, missmilki, I still have slots available and I'd be thrilled to work with you. And thanks for your sweet remarks about the blog, it's always great to hear that people appreciate it.


  11. I was responding to this: “would it be helpful to any of you if I did a couple of video tutorials about my experiences setting up Big Cartel and Bixbe?”

    .. but I think your handholding scheme is brilliant too. I don't think I need any at the moment, but will certainly let you know. :)



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