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Photo of Achnahaird Bay by Graham Lewis, used under a Creative Commons license

Right everyone, talk amongst yourselves, I’m off on holiday for a week.

My son and I are heading off to the west coast of Scotland. Here’s where we’re going. It belongs to my cousin, Calum and it’s only a few miles from the beach where we used to holiday every year as kids. I’ve not been to Achnahaird for about 20 years and I shall probably bawl my eyes out when I see it again because it’s always been a bit of a lodestone in my life, somewhere I’ve mentally aligned myself towards.

We’re going to be there with my mum & dad, two family friends, my three brothers and their families. Including us, that’s 12 adults and two babies. Oh, and then my aunt & my cousin, his wife and their three kids are turning up on the last weekend. So for a couple of days, there will be 15 adults & 5 little kids – actually, possibly 16 adults if my cousin, Lindsey turns up. Did I ever mention that I have a large family?

It will be utter madness!

Fortunately I’m hiring a car, so I’ll be able to take off for some peace and quiet when it all gets too much – which it will, because I’m fairly introverted. Planning to take a trip to Inverewe Gardens and maybe this wonderful but very remote bookshop.

I’m very excited to finally meet my little niece, Siobhan. My brother Ewan lives in Australia and this is the first time they’ve been back to the UK since Siobhan was born last year. My mum & dad have met her because they went out to Oz last autumn but the rest of us haven’t. My delightful nephew, Elliot will also be there. I plan to spend the entire week snorgling babies.

Now, if I was an organised person, I would have written a blog post and scheduled it in advance but I am not, so there probably won’t be a blog post next week unless some sort of magic occurs. I’ve no idea if there’s even any phone reception there but if there is, I’ll be checking in on Twitter.

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