Ooh, categories vs tags, it’s like The Sharks vs The Jets. Except not.

Other ways I could describe them. Categories are like tags on steroids. Categories are like your troop carriers and tags are the specialist troops that live inside them. Tags are little goblins but categories are orcs.

Look, I’ve been up all night, I stopped making sense quite some time ago…

Watch this 7 minute video that I made to launch my fantabulous Artist’s Eyeball service and you’ll see that both categories and tags have their place.

Huge thanks to my second brave volunteer, Julie Shackson for being a guinea pig: you’ll be receiving your free Artist’s Eyeball soon, Julie.

What’s so great about Artist’s Eyeballs?

Remember Carol Nunan, who featured in our first video? Well, Carol got her free Artist’s Eyeball on Wednesday and promptly impressed the hell out of me by staying up to midnight to revamp her sidebar. If you visit her site, you’ll see she’s also got rid of the problematic ‘Monotypes’ button that I objected to.

Here’s what she wrote on her blog:

Well I won myself a free ‘Artist’s Eyeball’ from Kirsty Hall and I received her much anticipated report today. Veeery useful. Nothing like getting an objective view point from someone who obviously knows what they are talking about and who is prepared to be brutally honest. I like that.

So… hard on the heels of her report I’ve been doing some serious tidying up for my blog. I’ve done the easy stuff first. I hope you approve Kirsty. It’s still a work in progress but I have some direction now.

Damn right, I approve – way to go, Carol!

These are the kind of results that people get from The Artist’s Eyeballs. They can really light a fire under you. In a good inspirational way, not in a ‘call the Fire Brigade’ way. Because that would be bad.

What do I get?

A highly detailed, written report that will in no way cause your house to burn down but that will tell you what you need to fix on your website to stop people wandering around uselessly like drunken chickens.

You get a lot of eye and brain for your money: Full Eyeballs tend to be between 5 and 10 pages long, sometimes even longer. It’s a big old to-do list with a fairly large amount of to-don’t’s thrown in. I don’t just say ‘do this’, I also tell you why you should do stuff.

And if I can’t find anything to say about your site or you don’t find the report useful, I’ll give you a full refund.

What if my site isn’t ready yet?

There is no expiry date: you can buy an Artist’s Eyeball now and use it later. Just make sure that you tell me on the order that you want to wait. It would also be helpful if you can give me a rough idea when you’re likely to need it, so that I can make a note to follow up with you.

You could even treat someone to one for Christmas & I promise to wear tinsel when I write it. Although it might be a bit like giving someone a diet book for Christmas; ‘Hi honey, your website sucks, Happy Holidays!’

Last chance for cheap Eyeballs

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want cheap eyeballs?

Blog Eyeball (including up to 3 static pages) – £50, now only £35
The Blog Eyeball is down to £35, which is £15 off – a truly delightful bargain, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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Full Artist’s Eyeball – £100, now only £50
A Full Artist’s Eyeball normally retails at £100 but during this sale I’m offering it at £50, which is a rather splendid half price.

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Full Eyeball with consulting – £160, now only £100
The Full Artist’s Eyeball with an extra brains consulting session is currently going for £100 instead of £160. That’s a full written website analysis plus 45 minutes of follow-up on Skype where you can delve deeper into what I’ve recommended. It’s the dinner and a date version.

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This offer closes at 5pm GMT on Friday 3rd December 2010. That’s today, people! If you’re going to buy one, you should do it now.

If you know you need an Artist’s Eyeball but find yourself temporarily low on funds, please email me and we’ll organise a payment plan that suits you. I am more than happy to do this – I’ve been where you are and I know what it’s like (it sucks!) – all you have to do is ask.

P.S. I am going to bed now: do not panic if you email me & I don’t get back to you instantly. As long as I get your email before 5pm today, we’re good.

Please note:
If there’s a high demand during this sale, it will take me longer than the usual 7 days to do your Eyeball.

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I am an artist & purveyor of obsessive projects based in Hebden Bridge, England. My work involves the accretion of large numbers of small objects - pins in fabric, knots in string or hundreds of envelopes - to make sculptures that deal with fragility, loss, repetition, obsession and time.

6 thoughts on “Categories vs Tags

  1. This is great advice Kirsty. I hadn’t thought about the navigation bar, and will have to search what weebly have to offer in the way of drop-down menus.
    I could see the categories were getting out of hand, but didn’t know that plug-ins were the way to go! More research needed methinks.
    This has been really useful and will get me thinking about solutions!……..Thank you so very much!


    Kirsty Hall Reply:

    @Julie Shackson, Hi Julie, glad you liked it. I was slightly worried that you hadn’t had a chance to see it before it went live.

    I’ll be giving you more specific advice about your category issue when I do your Artist’s Eyeball in the next couple of days.


    Kirsty Hall Reply:

    @Julie Shackson, Btw, you mentioned weebly, I hadn’t heard of them before. How are you finding their interface? Is it easy to change things?


    Julie Shackson Reply:

    @Kirsty Hall, It’s a bit buggy and not so straight-forward to customise. It isn’t really designed for bloggers, but I wanted everything in one place. Apart from that, the templates are good and they are quite helpful if you contact them with a problem.


  2. Hi Kirsty,Just been looking at the video you made for Julie Shackson on Categories and Tags which answered a question that was beginning to form in my mind about my tabs on my blog. I have 2 more questions though arising out of watching this video.
    1. As I was watching I wondered how does one get drop down menus on one’s blog. Are tehre plug-ins for this or Is the capacity to do this dependant on the platform you are using? In other words does for example Word Press do it but Blogger doesn’t? I can’t see how I would do it on Blogger.

    2. It would be useful to have a link to one or two websites that does Categories and Tags well. Especially one with the plug in you mentioned for tags. I was struggling to visualise precisely what you meant whereas with the tabs it was easy because I just called your own website to mind.


    Kirsty Reply:

    @Carol Nunan, Hi Carol, I’m sorry for not replying sooner: I only just noticed this. To get drop down menus you’d either need to have a WordPress theme that was capable of them or you could add them in the css but that’s advanced stuff (I couldn’t do it on my own & had to get my web guy to do it).

    There are plugins that will apparently do it in Blogger, I found this link:

    I’m honestly a bit too tired to think about the other part of your question right now. But I’ll try to get back to this in the future. Let me know if you’re still struggling to understand this issue.


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