What does it all mean?


In this fast world, slow labour intrigues me. My current practice is based on obsessive repetitive processes that straddle the divide between meaningful ritual and mindless pattern-making.

I find emotional resonance in the small objects that are so commonplace that they become invisible to us. Using them in vast numbers makes them strikingly apparent again. Pins, string, jars and matches - my art has been described as 'the museum of the everyday'.

In recent years my art has been moving out of the gallery system into the streets and onto the internet with daily year-long projects such as The Diary Project and 365 Jars. I am interested in connecting with people where they are and engaging with those who might not visit galleries.

My training in sculpture and a love of drawing are at the heart of everything I do but you will always find me dancing in the margins. I like to work on the edges of things: between sculpture, performance and drawing; between art and craft; between the internet and 'the real world'. My art is always a quiet transgression.

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'The Diary Project' was a year-long project that took place in 2007. Every day I drew on an envelope, put something secret inside & posted it back to myself before midnight.

'365 Jars' is my most epic project to date. (Almost) every day during 2011 I went for a walk and released an art jar into the wild for people to find and collect.

'3 Score & 10' is a sculpture made from 70 lengths of strings, each containing 365 hand-tied knots. Altogether the work contains 25,568 knots – the exact number of days (including leap years) that you’d live if you reached your biblical 70 years.

'The Requiem Series' was based on the events of September 11th. To try and comprehend the loss of life, I burnt 3,533 matches, the estimated death toll when I began the work in December 2001.

'The Pin Series' is an ongoing collection of sculptures, performances and drawings that use dressmaking pins to explore issues of repetition, obsession, the meaning of domestic labour and the power of ritualised mark-making.