The Diary Project


Every day in 2007 I drew on an envelope and placed something secret inside. I then posted the envelope to myself before my midnight deadline. When the envelopes returned, they were scanned and documented and written about over on The Diary Project blog. The full collection of drawings can also be seen over on the Diary Project Flickr page.

I successfully completed Phase One of the project on 31st December 2007. All 365 envelopes are now being kept unopened until they can be exhibited as a whole artwork, at which point members of the public will be able to open the letters and investigate the contents.

The Diary Project is part of The Numbers Series; an ongoing collection of works about the meaning of time.

One thought on “Envelopes

  1. These are lovely: such organic and precious shapes! They remind me of cutouts of the late Matisse, and also of Mushi out of the Japanese cartoon Mushishi. Also, there is a line by a Russian poet Anna Akhmatova "someone little intends to live". Well done, Kirsty!



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