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OK, after nearly two weeks of hassle, it looks – fingers crossed – as though my email is now working properly again. If you’ve contacted me by email in the last couple of weeks and I haven’t got back to you then I probably didn’t get it, so please do send it again. I’ve also just realised that there were a bunch of comments on one of the blogging posts that I missed seeing, so apologies for not replying to those sooner.

I hadn’t realised just how much I rely on my email until it went so badly wrong, in fact, I still feel rather insecure about it because I don’t know how much stuff went astray after our stupid email provider ‘upgraded’ their spam filters. I’m still hoping that they’ll be able to send me the stuff they filtered out but I’ve got a horrible feeling that they probably just threw out several hundred genuine emails.

I am an artist & purveyor of obsessive projects based in Hebden Bridge, England. My work involves the accretion of large numbers of small objects - pins in fabric, knots in string or hundreds of envelopes - to make sculptures that deal with fragility, loss, repetition, obsession and time.

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