Hebden Bridge Open Studios 2019

I'm delighted to let you know that I will be taking part in Hebden Bridge Open Studios for the first time.

My studio is in my bedroom, up two flights of stairs and our house is rather off the beaten track compared to the other studio spaces, so I've never been able to take part before. I always felt that it would be far too disruptive and difficult for us, being a dual disabled household with a nervous cat.

But this year my friends Helen and Caroline from Ribbon Circus have kindly offered me their lovely conservatory space behind the shop as a little pop-up studio. I will showing a combination of brand new and recently completed older work. There will also be a piece in the shop window.

I will only be there on Saturday 6th July and Sunday 7th July from 12-4pm on both days. I decided not to do the full 3 days or the longer hours because even this level of commitment will be a challenge for me with my precarious health.

If you're local and can come along, I would love to see you; I'm at venue 55 right on Market Street and you enter through Ribbon Circus. Unfortunately the venue is not wheelchair accessible as there is a small flight of stairs and then a narrow corridor but it is manageable with a cane.

This is the second time I'll have exhibited in a haberdashery. They're clearly a great fit for my work, so hey, if anyone else who happens to have a haberdashery wants to show some of my work, just let me know.

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