365 Jars was a year-long art project that I started on 1st January 2011.

Almost every day during 2011 I went for a walk and released an art jar into the wild. I came up with this idea because I needed a way to force myself out of the house for a daily walk. I knew that if I made it a New Year's resolution it wouldn't happen but I have discovered that I will do pretty much anything as long as it's for an art project.

The jars were filled with a variety of drawings, objects, photographs, text and sculptures. A complete gallery of all 365 jar photographs is on Flickr.

Although I didn't quite manage to complete the project during 2011 due to external circumstances, I did finally make and walk all 365 jars. The last jar was walked on the morning that we moved from Bristol to Hebden Bridge because the project had become inextricably linked in my mind with our somewhat traumatic house move.

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