A Collection of Random Things

This is a short round-up post because I keep thinking of things that aren't enough to do a whole post on. Plus it occurred to me that doing regular updates like this might prevent me being quite so perfectionist and therefore slow about my blogging.

Health Shit
It’s ME/CFS Awareness week and I was going to write something deep and meaningful about it but I’m still in the midst of the worst crash I’ve had in several years and I couldn't be bothered. I'm getting blood tests done to check whether something else is going on because it's been about a month and I'm not getting any better.

If I had written a post, it would have been about how small your world becomes when you have this illness. How unreliable you feel. How hard it is to plan. And how much grief and loss there is. But I have no spare energy for depressing writing about my depressing illness.

I have ME/CFS. It sucks. Next.

Other people wrote some smart stuff though:
Michael Nobbs
Newly Nerfed
RachelCreative and a moving post from her husband.

Why You Should Listen To Your Mother

So you know that thing your mother told you about not touching plugs or light switches with wet hands in case you electrocute yourself?

Totally true.

Since I’d managed to get to the age of 42 without this ever happening to me despite not being super cautious about it, I thought it was a bit of an exaggeration but no, it really can happen.

Fortunately it was only a very small electric shock, so I’m not dead. Which is good because dying whilst preparing baked potatoes would be a bloody stupid way to go.


I’ve been on a roll with reading lately, mostly because it’s one of the few things - apart from crocheting granny squares - that I’m able to do at the moment.

If you like crime novels, I thoroughly recommend Ann Cleeves, particularly her stunning Shetland Quartet. I just finished the last book in the series and I’m still reeling from it. I’ve also been enjoying Ariana Franklin's medieval murder mysteries.

If science fiction is more your thing, Kaaron Warren’s book Walking The Tree is strange but compelling. I also enjoyed both of Eugene Byrne books but particularly Things Unborn, a police procedural set in a Britain where some of the dead have been inexplicably resurrected.

I’ve also just started Stitching For Victory by Suzanne Griffith, a fascinating exploration of the diverse and vital role textiles played in World War Two Britain.


Last week I had a fun day out with the Textile Forum South West group at the very excellent Stroud International Textile Festival. I particularly loved Kate Blee's piece, Stroud Red.

Stroud Red by Kate Blee
Kate Blee, Stroud Red

I also adored Bethany Mitchell's work combing yarn with ink and pencil drawings.

The festival is on until the 23rd May. If you do manage to go, Mills Cafe does lovely soup and very nice cakes.

That Dieting Thing
I'm still doing Slimming World. I've only got three pesky pounds to go until I get my Two Stone award but the last two months have been hopeless because I've been shilly-shallying and uncommitted. Amazingly enough, the diet doesn't work if you don't stick to it! Who knew? But I'm pleased that I've maintained my existing weight loss and I'm slowly becoming motivated again, so hopefully this plateau will soon be over.

The chickens are well. Thankfully they've settled their initial differences and now get along just fine, although Colette is a complete drama queen and kvetches loudly about the slightest little thing. More video soon.

Still sewing sequins on an apron. Lalalalala...

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  1. Pretty good for a round-up. Actually, I'm starting to like round-up posts even better than the how-to type, or the think pieces. They tell me more about you, and that's why I'm here. I like getting to know you. And I'm sorry you're not well. I hope the doctor can help. And thanks for the great recommendations. :)



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