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Hey folks, how are you doing? Normally these newsy updates also include funny internet stuff but this one is all about me because it’s been crazy-busy around here of late and the news was starting to stack up.

The Artist’s Eyeball

In my usual blithe manner, I have yet again launched a brand new product a week before I go on holiday. This is getting to be a habit. I’m starting to think that I went away for a week every 4 months, my productivity would sky-rocket.

Introducing The Artist’s Eyeball

Eyeball banner


If you’re ready to take action and improve your website or blog, these written reports are an excellent investment. They’re cheaper than my one-on-one consulting, with a range of options from a single page to an entire website. They’re a great place to start working with me if consulting feels a bit too intimate and scary. Even if you don’t want one, you should check out the sales page because it has zombies, eyeball jokes and the word ‘nefarious’.

I’ll be doing a proper launch party for these once I return from holiday. If you’d like to help me promote this product, please email or leave a comment below. I’m happy to do blog interviews, guest posts and prize giveaways.


Shop update

Earlier this week I added some more drawings to my art store. These little 6×4 inch drawings are worked in gesso & pencil and date from November 2008.

I like these drawings a lot: the pencil is very dense in places and has that fabulous silvery sheen that graphite gets, while the white acrylic gesso gives a range of beautiful grey tones where it has mixed with the pencil. The torn edges are a deliberate and integral part of these drawings.

Pencil + gesso 02
Kirsty Hall: Pencil + gesso No. 2, Nov 08

Pencil + gesso 03
Kirsty Hall: Pencil + gesso No. 3, Nov 08

There are currently 11 drawings from this series up in the shop (one has sold already – thank you, Kari!) They’re priced at £55, which I think is a bargain for original, one-off, fine art.

Oh, and if you’ve been hankering after one of my secret art envelopes, now is an excellent time to buy because I’m going to be in Amsterdam next week, so I can fill them with all sorts of wildly exotic Dutch things. OK, that could be misinterpreted – I promise there will be nothing too saucy unless you specifically request it!

The price of the envelopes will be rising to £20 sometime next month because they’re a ton of work for £15 and that’s not feeling very sustainable to me right now. So if you want one, best grab it before the price goes up.


Around the web


A few months ago, I recorded a podcast with Sister Diane of Craftypod. Being More Authentic Online is about 20 minutes long and is well worth your time – we cover ethics, boundaries, sex toys and evangelical Christians!

Delightful people said nice things about me

Lindy wrote a beautiful tribute to me and the lovely LaVonne Ellis from The Complete Flake. Thanks so much Lindy, this meant a lot to me.

I inspired Jude from Salt Of The Earth to start blogging and she wrote about me in her first ever post. Thanks for your kind words, Jude and good luck with your blogging adventure.

Lisa from Fit For Paper mentioned me in a post called I Am Your Secret Admirer. I’m honoured to be on a list with such cool internet people. Incidentally, Lisa designed the spiffy new logos for Internet Hand-holding and The Artist’s Eyeball that you can see on the sidebar. Aren’t they wonderful! I love her to death for doing this because graphics make me cry. If you need graphics, Lisa is fantastic to work with: she was quick, inventive and endlessly patient, even with someone as indecisive as me.

I was stunned to discover that I’m one of Alltop’s recommended art bloggers. I was looking down the list, nodding at the people who were included and suddenly saw my own name and blurted out, ‘what the hell am I doing there?’ So thank you for that Alltop peeps, it was a nice surprise and I couldn’t resist the very silly badge that’s now gracing my sidebar.


Other news

I finally got round to joining LinkedIn. I’m not very active there yet but if you’d like to add me as a connection, I’d be delighted.

The very observant of you might notice that there’s been a few changes on the site. My lovely web designer has updated the buttons at the top, so we now have drop-down menus, which I’m loving with an unholy passion. But it does mean that if you link to my free resources page from your site, you’ll need to update your link. Here’s the new address: https://kirstyhall.co.uk/sos/resources/

I’ve also dropped ‘Up All Night Again’ as the blog name. I’d been thinking about doing this for a while as it wasn’t really working. People were listing me in their blog rolls as a variety of things including ‘Kirsty Hall’, ‘Up All Night’ or Up All Night Again’. If you’re obsessively tidy and feel the need to update your blogroll, the official title is now ‘Kirsty Hall’s Art Blog’.


Well, I’m sure there’s more stuff I meant to tell you but honestly, if I don’t go to bed right now, I’m going to pass out from exhaustion. Catch you later, peeps…

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I’d love to hear what you think of The Artist’s Eyeball idea or indeed, any other thoughts you have..

I am an artist & purveyor of obsessive projects based in Hebden Bridge, England. My work involves the accretion of large numbers of small objects - pins in fabric, knots in string or hundreds of envelopes - to make sculptures that deal with fragility, loss, repetition, obsession and time.

4 thoughts on “Podcasts, eyeballs & links, oh my

  1. Your “Eyeball” option sounds so cool. Great idea! I’m so excited for my upcoming consultancy. Have a safe and relaxing holiday. Happy creations from germany, tj


    Kirsty Hall Reply:

    I’m really looking forward to working with you too, TJ, it’s going to be fun.


  2. Thank you for the mention Kirsty! It was fun working with you and, believe me, you are not all that indecisive compared to many others I work with — in fact, you’re not even in the top 25%! :)

    Going away for a week more often to get a productivity boost sounds like a great idea, I really want to try that too! Will report with results.


    P.S. “Wildly exotic Dutch things” in your envelopes are very very tempting, even with the disclaimer.


    Kirsty Hall Reply:

    Well, I’m relieved that I’m not the worst you’ve ever worked with, Lisa. :-)


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