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So I finally got round to updating my sadly neglected news page. I hadn't updated it since July. Oh the shame of it, Internets, the shame.

So, in an effort to be a little bit more on top of things, here's the news for January.

PS. You have to imagine me reading this aloud to you in a newscastery sort of voice.

First international exhibition

One of my pin sculptures, Quiver, will be at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor during January.

Quiver at PYF 01
Kirsty Hall: Quiver, Jan 2009

This is my first international exhibition, so I was thrilled to be accepted. And Quiver made it over there without being blown up in customs as a suspect package, for which I'm very grateful.

Disruptive Stillness is on at the Jean Paul Slusser Gallery at The University of Michigan between 7th - 28th January and there will be a closing reception on January 28th from 6 - 9 pm. Gallery opening times, address and further details are here.

If you're in the area, do pop along to stroke the pins.

I'm doing a talk

I'm pleased to announce that I will be one of the speakers at the Textile Forum South West conference Mapping The Future - Where are you now? on 26th March 2011 in Taunton. More information here.

If you're in the UK and you have an interest in textiles and/or mapping, I would encourage you to come along. The folks at Textile Forum South West are some of my favourite art peeps to hang out with and I think this conference will be great fun.

My talk will be about mapping and the internet, so I'll probably be discussing things like my 365 Jars project.

Speaking of which...

365 Jars is off to a resounding start with people all over the world avidly reading the daily jar updates.

To date, seven of the sixteen jars have been found but one of those was re-released into the wild by its enthusiastic finder. So if you're in Bristol, there should still be ten jars out there for you to find and take home - keep your eyes open!

There will also be arse kicking

Oh yes, indeed there will.

Artist Arse Kicking is an online monthly art club for grown-ups that I'll be launching some time in the spring.

Check out the FAQ for more details of what's involved and if it sounds exciting, please sign up for the AAK mailing list. Signing up doesn't commit you to joining, it just means that I'll let you know when things of an arse kicking nature are occurring.

Free Photographs

My Creative Commons sets are growing like topsy and now have their own page in the free resources section. If you're not sure what Creative Commons is, I wrote about it last week.

The House Numbers set in particular, is evolving into something very special and I'm proud of it. My jar walks are providing lots of fruitful opportunities to photograph house numbers, so it's growing weekly. I've also added a Graveyard set, a Signs set, an Urban set, a Natural World set and a general set with all the random stuff that didn't fit anywhere else.

Charity Donation

Finally, in response to the dreadful flooding in Australia and South America: if you buy anything from me during January, I will donate 20% to charity.

10% will go to the Queensland relief fund and a further 10% to the Save The Children Brazil fund. This is not a promotional thing; I've already made a personal donation, I would just like to give more if I can.

So if you were thinking of buying some art or one of my services, now is a excellent time to do so since you'll also be helping a very good cause.


One day I’m going to come up with a clever title for these round-ups. But not, apparently, today.

Prize Update

About a million years ago – OK, two months ago – I asked for name suggestions for my coaching service and offered a free consulting session for the winning name.

I got some wonderful ideas but none of them felt quite right to me. I’ve been brooding away on it ever since & have finally hit on the right name. The sales page for 'Pertinent Questions' will be up as soon as I've finished writing it.

I’m going to award the consulting prize to Amber Dawn for her suggestion ‘Knotty Fixes’. Even though I haven’t used it as the final name, I utterly adored this and I’m going to nab it for my sales copy. Well done, Amber.

Thanks to everyone else for their awesome suggestions: every single one of you helped so much with my tortuously slow thought process and I am deeply grateful. And I’m sorry that it took so long to update you all, I really did need to sit with it for this long.

Customer Love Update

Wonderful stuff has been happening with Customer Love.

David Crandall's guest post, 'What Is A Customer?' was an eye-opener for me. I also enjoyed 'Who's Got Time For Customer Love?'by Sandi Faviell Amorim from Deva Coaching.

I found Sue Mitchell's hour-long interview with Customer Love founder, LaVonne Ellis, deeply inspiring.

People have been loving hard on their peeps. Here are my pick of the offers so far:

Get free help with numbers from my favourite maths tutor, Colin Beveridge. OK, so he's the ONLY maths tutor I know, but he's still my favourite.

Melissa Dinwiddie from A Creative Life is offering free Sandbox Sessions throughout November. If you’d like a bit of accountability while you work on Your Wonderful Thing, this will be right up your street. Melissa is a delightful, kind and interesting person and I’m sure she’d be a joy to work with.

My Stuff

Thanks to Helen Birch from the wonderful drawdrawdraw blog for featuring my Diary Project drawings. Turns out that Helen & I have a shared love of drawing on envelopes.

Don't forget you can still sign up for the Within Limits class that I'm teaching with Tara Swiger on Wednesday 10th November.

Cool stuff from around the web

Pretty by Kate Makkai is 3 minutes of absolutely astounding, powerful, hard-hitting slam poetry that every woman needs to see. ‘Slam poetry?’, I hear you say. Yep. Just trust me on this one and watch it. There is one swear word in it.

This week I also fell head over heels in love with comedian and ace pianist, Tim Minchin. Most of his stuff is entirely NSFW, so again, please don’t click if that bothers you. I should also warn you that this is ridiculously, insanely catchy - I've been singing it all week.

Enjoy your weekend, my lovelies...


Hey lovelies, it's been killing me to keep this quiet, so I'm chuffed to bits that I can finally announce my Super-Exciting Something.


Next week I'll be teaching my first ever online class in collaboration with Tara Swiger from Blonde Chicken and Crafting A Business. As you'll see if you watch the video below, I am quite ridiculously excited about this. In fact, it was all I could do not to pepper this entire post with exclamation marks.

What's it about?

The class is called 'Within Limits' & it's for those of you who want to have a creative business despite having time or energy challenges like an illness, children or another job. I wanted to share some of the things that I've learnt from my bloody-minded determination to have an art career (and now a shiny new business), despite having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and raising a kid. Tara and I felt that November was the perfect time to offer this class because the holiday season tends to bring those time/energy challenges into sharp relief.

When is it?

The class is on Wednesday 10th November at 3pm Eastern Time and consists of an hour-long call with Tara and I, followed by a Twitter chat. You'll then be sent a recording of the class AND a worksheet that will help you set out your own Time & Energy Budget. We'll be talking tips and more importantly, the attitudes that can help you manage your own restrictions.

What does it cost?

The class is only $35, which is outrageously good value. Just to recap, that's an online call, a Twitterchat, a recording and a worksheet, all for $35.

Oh Kirsty, please tell me more...

So, I made a little five minute video to launch the class and er, I got a bit over-excited...

This is either charming and funny OR I'm a complete dork, I haven't quite decided which yet. It makes me laugh but I suspect that may be because I'm a dork.

Buy the class

If I've convinced you, head on over to Tara's site and buy the class.

Share the news

P.S. If you'd like to share this, please click one of the social media buttons below.

And I will love you forever and come round to your house with chocolates. OK, maybe not the chocolate part because some of you are very far away but I would be very grateful and happy because I want to get this out to as many people as possible.


Hey everyone, I'm off to Amsterdam later today to spend 5 days with my friend and her family. There will be much beer & giggling & cooing over her baby.

I have no idea how much email or Twitter access I'll have; so please don't be offended if you email me & get no response.

However, fret not, dear ones, for in a fit of quite unprecedented organisation, I have scheduled not one but two blog posts for this week. I hope you enjoy them


Hey folks, how are you doing? Normally these newsy updates also include funny internet stuff but this one is all about me because it's been crazy-busy around here of late and the news was starting to stack up.

The Artist's Eyeball

In my usual blithe manner, I have yet again launched a brand new product a week before I go on holiday. This is getting to be a habit. I'm starting to think that I went away for a week every 4 months, my productivity would sky-rocket.

Introducing The Artist's Eyeball...

Eyeball banner


If you're ready to take action and improve your website or blog, these written reports are an excellent investment. They're cheaper than my one-on-one consulting, with a range of options from a single page to an entire website. They're a great place to start working with me if consulting feels a bit too intimate and scary. Even if you don't want one, you should check out the sales page because it has zombies, eyeball jokes and the word 'nefarious'.

I'll be doing a proper launch party for these once I return from holiday. If you'd like to help me promote this product, please email or leave a comment below. I'm happy to do blog interviews, guest posts and prize giveaways.


Shop update

Earlier this week I added some more drawings to my art store. These little 6x4 inch drawings are worked in gesso & pencil and date from November 2008.

I like these drawings a lot: the pencil is very dense in places and has that fabulous silvery sheen that graphite gets, while the white acrylic gesso gives a range of beautiful grey tones where it has mixed with the pencil. The torn edges are a deliberate and integral part of these drawings.

Pencil + gesso 02
Kirsty Hall: Pencil + gesso No. 2, Nov 08

Pencil + gesso 03
Kirsty Hall: Pencil + gesso No. 3, Nov 08

There are currently 11 drawings from this series up in the shop (one has sold already - thank you, Kari!) They're priced at £55, which I think is a bargain for original, one-off, fine art.

Oh, and if you've been hankering after one of my secret art envelopes, now is an excellent time to buy because I'm going to be in Amsterdam next week, so I can fill them with all sorts of wildly exotic Dutch things. OK, that could be misinterpreted - I promise there will be nothing too saucy unless you specifically request it!

The price of the envelopes will be rising to £20 sometime next month because they're a ton of work for £15 and that's not feeling very sustainable to me right now. So if you want one, best grab it before the price goes up.


Around the web


A few months ago, I recorded a podcast with Sister Diane of Craftypod. Being More Authentic Online is about 20 minutes long and is well worth your time - we cover ethics, boundaries, sex toys and evangelical Christians!

Delightful people said nice things about me

Lindy wrote a beautiful tribute to me and the lovely LaVonne Ellis from The Complete Flake. Thanks so much Lindy, this meant a lot to me.

I inspired Jude from Salt Of The Earth to start blogging and she wrote about me in her first ever post. Thanks for your kind words, Jude and good luck with your blogging adventure.

Lisa from Fit For Paper mentioned me in a post called I Am Your Secret Admirer. I'm honoured to be on a list with such cool internet people. Incidentally, Lisa designed the spiffy new logos for Internet Hand-holding and The Artist's Eyeball that you can see on the sidebar. Aren't they wonderful! I love her to death for doing this because graphics make me cry. If you need graphics, Lisa is fantastic to work with: she was quick, inventive and endlessly patient, even with someone as indecisive as me.

I was stunned to discover that I'm one of Alltop's recommended art bloggers. I was looking down the list, nodding at the people who were included and suddenly saw my own name and blurted out, 'what the hell am I doing there?' So thank you for that Alltop peeps, it was a nice surprise and I couldn't resist the very silly badge that's now gracing my sidebar.


Other news

I finally got round to joining LinkedIn. I'm not very active there yet but if you'd like to add me as a connection, I'd be delighted.

The very observant of you might notice that there's been a few changes on the site. My lovely web designer has updated the buttons at the top, so we now have drop-down menus, which I'm loving with an unholy passion. But it does mean that if you link to my free resources page from your site, you'll need to update your link. Here's the new address: https://kirstyhall.co.uk/sos/resources/

I've also dropped 'Up All Night Again' as the blog name. I'd been thinking about doing this for a while as it wasn't really working. People were listing me in their blog rolls as a variety of things including 'Kirsty Hall', 'Up All Night' or Up All Night Again'. If you're obsessively tidy and feel the need to update your blogroll, the official title is now 'Kirsty Hall's Art Blog'.


Well, I'm sure there's more stuff I meant to tell you but honestly, if I don't go to bed right now, I'm going to pass out from exhaustion. Catch you later, peeps...

Got a comment? Leave it below

I'd love to hear what you think of The Artist's Eyeball idea or indeed, any other thoughts you have..


I must start doing these round-ups more often because cool stuff keeps happening.

Art Stuff

Sister Diane from Craftypod bought one of my envelopes and wrote a rave review of it.

Diane Gilleland: Red drawing by Kirsty Hall, June 2010

Julie Shackson also bought an envelope recently and she loved it too.

If you lust after an envelope of your very own, click here – they’re a total bargain and who doesn't enjoy getting fun thing in the mail?

The sequins are coming along just fine: there's still masses of sewing to do but I'm starting to feel that I'm on the home stretch. I was getting dangerously low but fortunately found a supply of almost identical ones and bought an enormous bag that should be more than enough to finish the apron. If you're in the UK and need haberdashery stuff, I was hugely impressed by the service I received from JosyRose.

I've also been doing a bit of drawing but I'm feeling out of balance lately - far too much internet/business stuff and not enough studio time. Sigh, are we artists ever satisfied? I don't think so.

Want to win some of my art?

My dear friend Camilla Stacey is currently raising money for her MA. Camilla has been a huge supporter of other artists through her curating work and it would be fantastic if the art community could return that support. I’ve donated two original drawings to her fundraising raffle and there’s also the chance to win work by Alys Paterson, Claire Platt, Peskimo and Elin Thomas.

Camilla says, “I will be mailing out the artwork to prize winners totally free of charge, so for a mere quid you could get something awesome for your wall that would normally set you back ££££££££”

Raffle tickets are only £1 or 10 for £5. There are more details here or you can go straight to Camilla's paypal (don't forget to tell her how many tickets you want). Oh, and if you're in Bristol, pop along to her fundraising sale tomorrow at the Here gallery in Stokes Croft.

Internet Stuff

Honeys, I’ve been a busy little internet bee lately.

I did a long interview about lists, systems and productivity over at Craft Leftovers. It’s a lot more interesting than I’m making it sound!

I also wrote a guest post for Be Awesome Online. It’s called The Power Of Words and it’s all about how the titles we give ourselves have power.

And as usual, I've been talking my mouth off over on Twitter.

Business Stuff

My Internet Hand-holding consulting will be going up in price on September 1st, so if you’ve been thinking about buying some of my time and expertise, now is an excellent time to do so. Sister Diane bought one and she's already been seeing great results from her reorganisation.

I finally got round to putting a newsletter sign-up on the sidebar (look to your right and you'll see it). I need to prettify it but hey, at least it’s there. It’s only taken me three years! I'm still not entirely sure what my newsletter plans are but if you want to sign up, I'm be thrilled. I promise not to do anything evil with the information: let's face it, I'm just not organised enough to spam you incessantly!

Facebook Fan Page
If you want regular news but don't want to sign up for my intermittent newsletter or you find I talk too much on Twitter, my Facebook fanpage might suit you better.

Educational Stuff

I’m on a huge education kick at the moment and have been absorbing online classes, e-books and library books like a deranged info-product addict.

If you’ve been thinking about writing an e-book, Sister Diane still has places on her brand new e-book course, which starts on Monday. I’m taking part and it sounds like it's going to be an amazing group. I'm super excited about it. And yes, this does mean you can expect some e-books from me in the future.

Like many artists, I struggle with pricing my work so naturally I'm taking this class about pricing art. The fact that it's by two of my favourite internet people - Tara Swiger of Blonde Chicken and Catherine Caine of Be Awesome Online - was also a big incentive. I've worked with both of them before and they rock at explaining stuff.

I also joined The Creative Empire, a new subscription community by Tara Gentile from Scoutie Girl and Megan Auman from Crafting an MBA. The forums are very good value, plus there's exclusive seminars and practical worksheets. I think the initial price of $15 a month only lasts until the end of August, so join now if you need a bit of support for your creative business.

Cool Stuff (In No Particular Order)

Gareth from Fight Mediocrity made a fab flowsheet (PDF link) inspired by my mantra 'is it useful? Is it fun?' It has ducks and chickens, people, ducks and chickens!

If you're in Britain and want to garden but you don't have space, or you have land but need help, Landshare connects people. I've joined as a landowner, I'm hoping to find some local people to garden with.

I've fallen in love with Kim Boekbinder's voice. Listen to her first EP for free here.

Knock Knock have crazy stationary and office products. They're definitely going on my Christmas list this year.

My new favourite eye candy blog is Things Organized Neatly.

LaVonne Ellis had a funny chat with her writer's block.

Lovely short video by Tanya Davis & Andrea Dorfman - How To Be Alone

Finally, check out this superb 10 min video from Scott Belsky about bringing creative projects to fruition.


OK, that should ensure you don't get a lick of work done this fine Friday!



As usual, comments are hugely welcome.


Photo of Achnahaird Bay by Graham Lewis, used under a Creative Commons license

Right everyone, talk amongst yourselves, I'm off on holiday for a week.

My son and I are heading off to the west coast of Scotland. Here's where we're going. It belongs to my cousin, Calum and it's only a few miles from the beach where we used to holiday every year as kids. I've not been to Achnahaird for about 20 years and I shall probably bawl my eyes out when I see it again because it's always been a bit of a lodestone in my life, somewhere I've mentally aligned myself towards.

We're going to be there with my mum & dad, two family friends, my three brothers and their families. Including us, that's 12 adults and two babies. Oh, and then my aunt & my cousin, his wife and their three kids are turning up on the last weekend. So for a couple of days, there will be 15 adults & 5 little kids - actually, possibly 16 adults if my cousin, Lindsey turns up. Did I ever mention that I have a large family?

It will be utter madness!

Fortunately I'm hiring a car, so I'll be able to take off for some peace and quiet when it all gets too much - which it will, because I'm fairly introverted. Planning to take a trip to Inverewe Gardens and maybe this wonderful but very remote bookshop.

I'm very excited to finally meet my little niece, Siobhan. My brother Ewan lives in Australia and this is the first time they've been back to the UK since Siobhan was born last year. My mum & dad have met her because they went out to Oz last autumn but the rest of us haven't. My delightful nephew, Elliot will also be there. I plan to spend the entire week snorgling babies.

Now, if I was an organised person, I would have written a blog post and scheduled it in advance but I am not, so there probably won't be a blog post next week unless some sort of magic occurs. I've no idea if there's even any phone reception there but if there is, I'll be checking in on Twitter.


Hi, are you a MagpieGirl looking for your special deal? You need to go here. Sorry about this, Rachelle and I did the interview ages ago and I've only just realised that she didn't have the new sales page details.

Come up to the lab and seeeeeee what's on the slab.

So. With my usual inimitable flair I appear to have accidentally launched another new service mere days before I disappear off into the wilds of Scotland for a week. If you've read my Resources page but you're still floundering and you'd like some individual one-on-one help, you can now buy 30 minutes of my undivided attention. Also, there are biscuits.

Behold, my beautiful creature...

Internet Hand-holding

Now, this isn't quite as daft as it sounds (OK, the 'just before a holiday' part is pretty stupid). I've always been drawn to the idea of consulting and coaching and I'd been making tentative plans in this direction for several months after a very thought-provoking Awesomeness Check-up session with the lovely Catherine Caine.

So when John T. Unger asked for willing volunteers to test out Bixbe on WordPress, I did the 'closing my eyes and jumping' thing again.

As a way of launching this and also celebrating the 3 year anniversary of this blog, I'm offering 15 free sessions. If you're interested, please comment below before Wednesday 7th July (the blog's official birthday, we shall have cake). If I get masses of people, I'll pick names out of a hat to make it fairer because I know that not everyone is online at the same time. Please note, the free sessions won't be happening until at least the second week of July because of the whole holiday thing.

Oh and while I'm shamelessly self promoting, I updated my shop, which is now called Drawings And Delights. I added an 'about me' page, some shop policies and more drawings. If I get time later today, I may add a few ACEO's that I've drawn recently.


What's Been Happening Lately?

So, I sort of opened a shop for my drawings. There's not much up there yet but if you've ever wanted me to send you a hand-drawn envelope containing a secret, you're in luck! There's also a couple of my more expensive archival drawings and more will going up next week.

You may remember that back in February I did a 30 minute talk about blogging for the University Of Arts in London - the audio is now online.

On Friday, I visited the American Museum in Bath with the lovely people from Textile Forum South West. We had a guided tour around their current quilting exhibition. Now quilting isn't my thing but it was a fascinating talk and the level of sewing skill was quite staggering, especially when you consider that most of it was done by hand. I also ate my first ever Snickerdoodle, which is quite possibly the best cookie name ever. It was very tasty. The museum have their own kitchen where they bake deliciously exotic American goodies and frankly it's worth a trip just for the baked goods but they also have an eclectic collection set in beautiful grounds.

I sewed lots more sequins and listened lots more podcasts. It doesn't make for very exciting blogging, does it. But I've definitely passed the half way point now. Unfortunately, I've - gasp - nearly run out of sequins. I'm praying that they've got more of the right kind in Fabric Land. I'm going into town to find out tomorrow, if they've run out you'll probably be able to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from wherever you are in the world.

I finally made another video. If you fancy a four & half minute tour around my studio, hit play:


Last night I was fretting that Colette was ill, she had disappeared into the chicken house for hours and seemed strangely docile. This morning it dawned on me that the silly hen is actually broody. We don't have a cockerel, so she has no fertile eggs - in fact, she isn't sitting on any eggs at all but she's making a fairly determined attempt to hatch out a pile of shredded paper. She's not the brightest chicken, that one! Still, at least it's keeping her quiet.

I finished Among The Bohemians by Virginia Nicholson. It's not flawless, she does rather gloss over Eric Gill's unforgivable practice of committing incest with his female relatives but I found it a very readable account of this interesting period in art history. If you've ever wondered where a lot of our contemporary ideas about artists come from, this book provides many of the answers. Highly recommended.

Other Artists
Two artists inspired by animals this week:

Matt Cummings makes amazing sculptures of animals that manage to capture the essence of the animal without being slavishly realistic.

I'm loving these rabbit prints by Kyoko Imazu, especially the more sinister ones. If I had any money at all, I'd buy one.

Cool Things
Sister Diane's video 7 Crafting Supplies I'm No Longer Allowed To Buy to buy made me laugh hysterically. Total comedy of recognition.

I'm currently enjoying Marisa's blog, New Dress A Day, which features daily remaking of thrifted clothing. I don’t always like her finished items but I’m amazed that she looks at some of those hideous dresses and thinks, ‘hell yeah, I can make something with this 1980’s shiny polyester peach number!’ It’s a lesson in creativity, for sure.

If you like things in jars, you'll like this, if you don't like dead things, you won't.

If you've not been listening to John T. Unger's podcast, Art Heroes Radio, you need to remedy that asap. All the ones I've listened to have been interesting but the one on pricing is especially valuable.


This is a very quick update because I'm meant to be packing. My son and I are heading up to Scotland this evening to visit my folks.

Firstly, the talk went well on Thursday. I was quite pleased with the Powerpoint that I put together - only having a week to master the software made for a bit of a steep learning curve and a lot of late nights but I managed to put a simple presentation together. The talk itself was very well attended & the organiser said there was a good response to it. I think that I did OK, although my mouth was so dry from nerves that I got through two bottles of water in quick succession! But apparently I didn't look or sound too nervous, which was good. I had practised at home a lot, which definitely helped. I also watched this long but fantastic video by Garr Reynolds on how to structure Powerpoint & do presentations, which helped immensely. If you've got a talk coming up, I thoroughly recommend watching it - it'll be time well spent.

There was so much that I wanted to put in but had to leave out - 20-30 minutes isn't nearly long enough to give a good overview of blogging - so I may do some basic intro posts about the subject in the next week or two.

Secondly, I'm taking my laptop up to Scotland with the aim of writing 5 blog posts. I want to take my blogging up to the next level this year and my first priority is increasing the frequency of my blogging. I've been blogging 'hand to mouth' for far too long. I need to get a good backlog of posts written so that my blogging is not dependant on my dodgy health. So, if you've got any burning issues that you'd like to see me address, please let me know and I'll try to write about it. On a related note, if there's anything that drives you nuts about my site, please do let me know and I'll see if it can be fixed.

Lastly, congratulations to Gwen from Murphy Grace Home who won the Gary Vaynerchuk Crush It! giveaway. Thanks to everyone who commented. I wish you could all have won.

Right, I must go and pack, I'm just procrastinating now!

Edited to add:
Oops, I forgot this bit of news. I've changed a whole bunch of my photos over to the Creative Commons license. I'm retaining full copyright on my art photos but the more documentary ones are now available to use. The only restriction is that you can't take them and sell them. I would appreciate a Flickr comment if you do use them but it's not obligatory.