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What's Been Happening Lately?

So, I sort of opened a shop for my drawings. There's not much up there yet but if you've ever wanted me to send you a hand-drawn envelope containing a secret, you're in luck! There's also a couple of my more expensive archival drawings and more will going up next week.

You may remember that back in February I did a 30 minute talk about blogging for the University Of Arts in London - the audio is now online.

On Friday, I visited the American Museum in Bath with the lovely people from Textile Forum South West. We had a guided tour around their current quilting exhibition. Now quilting isn't my thing but it was a fascinating talk and the level of sewing skill was quite staggering, especially when you consider that most of it was done by hand. I also ate my first ever Snickerdoodle, which is quite possibly the best cookie name ever. It was very tasty. The museum have their own kitchen where they bake deliciously exotic American goodies and frankly it's worth a trip just for the baked goods but they also have an eclectic collection set in beautiful grounds.

I sewed lots more sequins and listened lots more podcasts. It doesn't make for very exciting blogging, does it. But I've definitely passed the half way point now. Unfortunately, I've - gasp - nearly run out of sequins. I'm praying that they've got more of the right kind in Fabric Land. I'm going into town to find out tomorrow, if they've run out you'll probably be able to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from wherever you are in the world.

I finally made another video. If you fancy a four & half minute tour around my studio, hit play:


Last night I was fretting that Colette was ill, she had disappeared into the chicken house for hours and seemed strangely docile. This morning it dawned on me that the silly hen is actually broody. We don't have a cockerel, so she has no fertile eggs - in fact, she isn't sitting on any eggs at all but she's making a fairly determined attempt to hatch out a pile of shredded paper. She's not the brightest chicken, that one! Still, at least it's keeping her quiet.

I finished Among The Bohemians by Virginia Nicholson. It's not flawless, she does rather gloss over Eric Gill's unforgivable practice of committing incest with his female relatives but I found it a very readable account of this interesting period in art history. If you've ever wondered where a lot of our contemporary ideas about artists come from, this book provides many of the answers. Highly recommended.

Other Artists
Two artists inspired by animals this week:

Matt Cummings makes amazing sculptures of animals that manage to capture the essence of the animal without being slavishly realistic.

I'm loving these rabbit prints by Kyoko Imazu, especially the more sinister ones. If I had any money at all, I'd buy one.

Cool Things
Sister Diane's video 7 Crafting Supplies I'm No Longer Allowed To Buy to buy made me laugh hysterically. Total comedy of recognition.

I'm currently enjoying Marisa's blog, New Dress A Day, which features daily remaking of thrifted clothing. I don’t always like her finished items but I’m amazed that she looks at some of those hideous dresses and thinks, ‘hell yeah, I can make something with this 1980’s shiny polyester peach number!’ It’s a lesson in creativity, for sure.

If you like things in jars, you'll like this, if you don't like dead things, you won't.

If you've not been listening to John T. Unger's podcast, Art Heroes Radio, you need to remedy that asap. All the ones I've listened to have been interesting but the one on pricing is especially valuable.

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  1. SisterDiane

    I loved getting a glimpse into your studio! And my hat is permanently off to you for even attempting that pin project. I can imagine it full-scale, though, and ... amazing!


  2. wow, kirsty- this post is full of wonderful "things and stuff"! i'll start with looking up "among the bohemians", and work my way through this informative post. i'll definitely look at your video.



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